Internet security, 6 tips for your company

In this article we expose you the 6 tips that you have to take into account to preserve the security on the internet of your company’s information as well as some basic notions that will be very useful to you.

What is internet security?

 What is internet security?

Internet security to protect data in the online world in which we live, is the main factor of any company to build trust among its users and for the proper functioning of the company. With the current cyber attack suffered by one of the largest companies in our country such as Telefónica, among others, fear increases and with it, preventive measures and, where appropriate, reactive to these situations of risk.


Concepts about internet security

 Concepts about internet security

Internet security or cyber security is the computer area that protects the information contained in the computer network that makes up an organization through procedures that enhance data security.

There are many computer programs that threaten the security on the internet either to obtain an economic reward, to steal it or in the best case, simply block it. The most common and those that you may have heard about are:

  • Trojans
  • worms
  • phishing or identity theft
  • pharming …

Currently one of the most proliferated are randsomeware with the aim of raising money through bitcoin. The purpose of all of them is that of a malware or “malicious software” that translates into harmful codes that violate the information of our devices.


Internet security on a personal level

We can not forget that, in regard to the personal sphere , there are also a series of errors that we unconsciously commit. Sure you find it familiar to register on a web page apparently free and write part of your personal data , so? … That’s the way they have to charge you for the “free” use of their services, you make them aware of that valuable information with which, later, they can market.

Tim Berners-Lee, creator of World Wild Web (www.) Reaffirms the need to fight against this form of espionage . Bet for the promotion of the union of companies registered in Internet to carry out measures that allow the users to recover the control of all their data.

Returning to the specific issue of what to do, as a company, to safeguard the security of the information of customers and my company, below are five tips that must be taken into account.


Internet security, 6 tips to keep it

 Internet security, 6 tips to keep it

It is generally more effective to prevent than to cure so this article explains the most relevant thing you have to do to avoid being the target of a malware:

First we will expose an infographic to have a general view of the information that will later be developed in more detail:

Create awareness and culture in cybersecurity at the organizational level

Inform the entire staff of the damages caused by the harmful codes and thus avoid browsing through open networks that increase the risk .

It has qualified staff

The need arises to have qualified personnel who are responsible for the periodic control of security on the Internet and thus avoid risks.

Update the system

Update the operating system, antivirus and other applications

Update the operating system, software, all applications and the antivirus as every time patches are added or improvements to the new versions, which increase the security on the internet of all the information contained in the devices used in the work.

Anti-spam systems in the mail

Have anti-spam systems in the email with high filters to avoid infectious emails. In addition to, verify the security tools of the account provided by the manager or email server, for example, Gmail gives the option to activate double verification in which you send a code to your personal phone to access your account .

Make backup copies

Make backup copies or backups of all the relevant data and export them preferably to external hard drives and exempt from any connection with the network of origin.

Be cautious

Be prudent when opening attachments, downloading programs … and most importantly, where you enter your credentials. In this last case, we often fall as pages are created that supplant the reliable asking you to register with your credentials. Never do it! They are being stolen.


I have suffered a cyber attack, what do I do?

 I have suffered a cyber attack, what do I do?

If, despite following these tips to the letter, you are the victim of a cyber attack, the most effective reactive action is to turn off the infected computer and all those that are interconnected to it.


Internet security in MytripleA

In MytripleA we have specialists in the field who check daily that everything is in order, verifying the maximum security on the internet of the data of our platform.

The highlight of the preventive activities in Internet information security that MytripleA performs, is the creation of external backups, daily updates of the computers, creation of complex passwords as well as enabling the verification in two steps that google provides to protect the accounts of its users. In addition, our servers are located outside the country and are protected both physically and through software.